Friday, 28 September 2012

Can't Believe it's Friday again so soon

Where does the time ago?

It doesn't seem like yesterday where my alarm went of Monday morning at the start of another week...

So I have already been a little busy this morning... As the new challenge has started at Craft Ann's Challenge Blog I had just the photo to represent the new theme Films.... I always struggle with Haloween pics as I don't really do 'cute'  So I have based it on the film Bad Moon the  1996 Werewolf film...

I have tried to make it not too graphic but with a little bit of fear thrown in to the mix :) Hope it fits the bill xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

2 today

Well i am on a roll just before I roll into bed....

Thought I might as well finish on a last Layout and complete the last int he trio of the three LA Sketch Challenge for September for Sketches in Time I have worked backwards and this would be their Sketch number 1 as shown Below:

My take on this used a couple of photo's of my sons 2nd Birthday... Time flies and I can hardly believe he goes off to High school next year aged 11!

So I hope you like it...

Love is in the air...

Was talking to my daighter tonight on the phone,,,, she has Aspergers and has had a difficult few days... it has been quite emotional and also quite draining... when things get tough, I often look at happy photo's which remind me how good things can be.
The following LO was based around a photo of her and her boyfriend taken at her 18th Party last month.

It was a wonderful weekend and the memories made the last few days easier to deal with...

I looked around for some inspiration for a Layout and came back to the amazing crafty souls at Sketches In Thyme They are running a month long challenge with carious sketches to use for inspiration...

So I hope this LO does he challenge justice....

This is the Layout I used for inspiration...

And my layout is here...

Hope all my crafty friends are having a wonderful day or evening where ever they are int he world xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Busy Bee

Although I have been quiet on here for a few days, I have been busy. I am preparing with my daughter for a craft fayre, selling things for charity.

I will post some for the cards at some future date. For these cards I have been using the Hunky Dory Kits as although they are generic, they are really good quality and sell really well.

have also been playing a little more with Craft Artist professional 2, using some of my digi cd's and also with some of the effects on the software.
Below are some of the cards and effects I have created... A huge thank you to all the girls especially Catherine Carney, who give their help and knowledge so readily within the serif craft artist facebook group. I  am learning new things all the time and my confidence is growing fast.

This card I have entered into the Awash with flowers challenge at cd sunday challenge as I think its an appropriate design... I have used the OOla La Shoes in bloom Cd along with craft artist to create the other affects... 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

last for the evening i think...

Well today has been busy....

As i have mentioned before, I use a lot of digital kits and use Craft artist pro 2. I am still learning even the basics on this software.... I recently joined a group on face book, dedicated to craft artist and they are an amazing lot over there.

I have had trouble with the digital form of paper piecing for weeks now... but thanks to the girls over there, I have finally finished my first piece... it has been created by using piece of digital material that has various textures... to fit into the spaces in the digi stamp image. Now I have got it, I am going to try to be more imaginitive and get better.. but for now... here is my first attempt....


Well the weather is terrible here today, so I have had a lovely easy day.... Lot's of crafting and playing....

I felt so privileged to have been chose of one of top three at lasting memories this week that I thought i would enter the new challenge,,,,
As you can see from the challenge here at lasting memories the brief was a bit of pink, some lace and some ribbon with an optional layout to follow....
Well today, I had been thinking of my dad a lot whilst going through my photo's. He died 27 yrs ago when I was a teenager, after an extremely long and debillitating illness, but the photo's I have chosen, although I never knew him back then, are the images I choose to remember him by... as a young good looking and healthy man.

As my dad was ill all of my childhood, I suppose I never really got to know him as a person... It still feels painful that he never got to see his grandchildren whom I know he would have been terribly proud of.

So here is my tribute to my wonderful dad,... the lace is subtle... as are the flowers and ribbon, but he did love flowers and I feel that often we shy away from using flowers and certain colours (pink) on male projects... so I hope you enjoy....

 oooo very pleased to say this layout was featured at Lasting Memories Layout Challenge....  So much skill and creativity over there... wow!!

Quick Sketch Challenge..

I am really enjoying entering these challenges....
It is a great source of inspiration to me and gets me through some sticky times...

Today I have entered into a new challenge with some amazing talent around... the challenge is challenge #3 at Sketches In Thyme

the sketch I had to work with was the following...

I have rotated the design to fit in with the design I had in mind... I hope you like it xx it really brings back memories to see my now big girls enjoying themselves so much in Primary school during a school play ...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Beautiful day today...

Well after a rough few days, i have manged to get a few things done today.... I also found out that My "breakfast at Tiffany's " Layout was featured on a challenge blog and am very flattered.....

So this morning offering is Made mainly with Peppermint creative's April Morning digikit from daisytrail....

I love the colour purple... but do prefer fantasy or real images... I often struggle with the muted water coloured tones.... so hope you like this one....

I am entering this one into the  Sketch challenge at Lasting memories Scrapbook Challenge

This is the Sketch I had to work with, so I have tied to adapt it but keep close to the sketch.

Friday, 21 September 2012


Well it's funny as when the bug bites it bites.....

After seeing the new challenge at Digitally Sweet I knew I had just the photo to fit into this  weeks challenge so here it is..... Hope you all like it xx


Time goes so fast.....

The last few days I have had a variety of hospital appointments and have been really too tired to do much crafting.... I have however made some clocks... these will go for sale at the craft fayre I am doing soon, with profits to charity.

I will post photos as soon as I have some.... I am also really please that I made top three in two challenge I took part in recently... (see blinkies on the right ) I am so chuffed that i was given this acolade as there are some amazing crafters out there and I just craft from the heart!

WIll be back soon... after getting some images sorted for posting here x

Ah so I found the file of one of the cards I made today.

it was made using Joanna Sheen images and embellishments.  And gold backing paper from Crafty Ann's. I love Joannas images as the print beautifully and are extremely stunning.

I also have found a new challenge to enter... I have been so lucky to have met some lovely people on my short journey in Blogland...
So I am entering the following card into the challenge here at Cupcake Craft Challenges I hope I have met the criterior.... And hope you like it x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Time for Reflection

Today, Another sofa day, so lot's of time for reflection.
Tis funny how time goes so fast, was looking through my wedding photos and although best friends, we are no longer together. I suddenly realised that we married nearly 12 years ago.
Scary how time flies.

So I have scrapped a new page with my wedding photo, I used a variety of Digi Images and the inspiration for this page comes from the Layout supplied By crafty Anne's with her new challenge... #74. The challenge can be found at Crafty Anns Challenge Blog She also has some beautiful digital stamps. paper packs etc, so well worth a look.

So here is my latest Project....

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Girly time

Today has found me alone with the girls whilst my son goes to stay with his dad.
So we saw a lovely film at the cinema, grabbed a bit to eat and generally had a girly time.
This evening, I had another play with CAP2, it really is  great software, but I feel it will take a long time to get to grips with....

So I have made another page dedicated to mum.  I miss her a lot right now, and can hardly believe she has been gone 7 months.

I am entering this page into another challenge At Digitally Sweet The challenge is anything to do with flowers so I think this will fit the theme.

Friday, 14 September 2012

What a day...

Well today was an interesting day......

I have been using Craft Artist Professional for some time. But just playing 'around the edges' I then joined the serif craft Artist Facebook group and those girls over there sure no how to produce some beautiful work...

It has really given me the push to just play....

Today Craft Artist Professional 2 was released.... it is really an amazing bit of software... for those who don't know, it works by using kits of images/ backgrounds etc etc that you can mix up to produce your own designs.  So I have spent much of today paying with the new settings, and planning some new projects for things at the next craft fayre I am attending.

The only sort of finished product I have done is the following... it was made using a Joanna Sheen Design Cd... it contains beautiful images that are right up my street!

This Card is being entered into the Crafty Blog Challenge "Anything Goes" At bearlymine-challenges.blogspot

Hope you like it xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rainy days With not a lot of inspiration..

Well today was a little drab, When I am unwell i find myself really wanting to get up and about especially into the craft room but it wasn't going to be.

About 6 months ago, I got a Impress Craft dragon,, I make lot of cards and am a gadget fiend... but till today i had hardly looked at it with all the health things going on.

So, I took it, set it up (it takes seconds) but hit a problem... the acetate guide didn't fit! I honestly believed I was being thick  but i looked at demos etc, and sure enough mine was not sitting the way it should.
I got through to craft Dragon and spoke to the lovely man who invented it.... he immediately told me he would replace the mat and give me some extra foil.  he then took me through a few tips of getting a good result each time. I am so very impressed (excuse the pun) with their customer service... and Now I intend to make it pay for itself. So, my next investment will be a set of type set letters so i can truly personalize with foil invites, cards etc etc.... I found that requests and commissions i was getting regarding foiling, just became to expensive if i had to rely on having custom dies made. So watch this space!!!

By the time  had lesson 1 of  craft dragon tutorial, I was shattered and in pain again so headed back to my favourite place.... The sofa! 

I had a look through my files of pics and decided to just let some jump out at me. So I chose some of my daughters Communion. I lost my mum in February, so when i see photo's of her looking so well and happy, it makes me feel sad that i miss her, but also gives me a boost to do something productive (he was the hardest working woman i ever met, who had enough difficulties thrown at her throughout her life to drown in, but she always came up and battled them head on...

 So, I have scrapped a page of my daughters communion.... it probably isn't the most technical  or prettiest of pages but it's very special to me.

Maybe I need to  find a challenge for this one.... (I am enjoying these challenges purely as it gives me chance to look at so many other peoples inspiring work :) .... be back in 5 :)...................................................

ok..... I found a nice challenge that has some amazing LO's .... it is Digital sweet challenges andthe challenge is all about using multiple photo's.

So here is my LO

Hopefully will do something more productive tomorrow. xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

So today I have been having lots of rest (erm...... apart from the very quick trip out to buy myself a wamcom Bamboo - Sssshhhhh) Anyway... I was looking through some  photo's of my middle daughters Prom.

She looked so beautiful and one photo reminded me of Audrey Heburn in breakfast at Tiffany's (one of my all time favourite films) So I dug out a photo, and then tried to mach the photo of my daughter to it.

The fact that Beckii is sticking her tongue out, captures her personality. Until recently she wouldn't be seen in anything other than a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie :)

I have turned it grey scale, then removed all the background (which was a car park full of  girls all waiting for the limo) I aimed to make this very simple and elegant in keeping with the film style. I quite like it  and  hope my daughter does too.

I entered another challenge today and was then pointed at another challenge this latest LO might fit into so am putting it into the movied themed challenge at Lasting memories Layout Challenges.

A Challenge!

So, Yesterday someone suggested that i should enter the following layout for a challenge...  ok..... thing is.. didnt even know what a challenge was really so I popped over to the site mentioned Crafty Ann's and have yet been blown away by just how clever everyone is!
So I am goign to enter this into the challenge, so maybe I can get some positive feedback and some suggestions of how to improve....

My daughter has Aspergers but she is a testament to those who think this is somehow a reason to not get fullfillment from Life. Next year she wil be going to Uni and last week she was 18. I will be printing these Layouts into a small album for her to keep whilst she is away at college.

The LO was made with a variety of kits  that were manipulated. I love these colours.
So this is being entered into the Aqua themed challenge at Crafty Ann's Challenge Blog

Don't feel so well today so am having a sofa day and am going to use it to try and finish the layouts for this mini album.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Well I have just been having a play with Craft Artist.
I love some of the gadgets on this software but am only just beginning to click buttons and play with it.

On this photo, I 'cut out' my daughters friend  and the cake and brought them into my scene.

I like it but it's very different than what I normally would do...

The image pack is from Simply Sumatra which have some beautiful image packs.

OKAY I'm Doing it!

I have been reading blogs for an age, but just have never felt worthy of having my own!

Before I start, I think I will tell you a bit about myself...

I am 43 and have 4 children two of whom have an autistic spectrum disorder.
10 years ago i was diagnosed with two auto immune diseases. These are PBC and AIH  basically my body sees the cells in parts of my liver as foreign cells, so my body attacks my liver. There is no cure. I am often very very fatigued (this is different to tiredness and the only way i can describe it is by saying it's like suddenly being immersed in a concrete bath so every action is just extremely tiring)
I also have constant bone pain, so it hurts when i sit down / lay down/ and walk. YET  if you were to see me in the street, I would appear as fine! After all whats the point in moaning all the time? 
So there will be times where I don't post much here at all as when really unwell, i tend to hunker down and just get through it.

I have been crafting for years... and years and years.... in fact most of my life.... however the old adage "jack of all trades master of none " probably applies to me in a big way! A few years ago I had my own high street craft shop, we won awards and had a huge customer base, I will remember those good times forever. However when i got really sick we had to close our doors! After that time. I didn't do much crafting at for about 3 years, it was like a time of mourning!

So here I am back into it, I have found a new love of digi crafting (suddenly seems so important to document every bit of my life so my children remember the good times and not just me being ill) I also love paper crafting and am lucky to have a fantastic craft garage with many of the gadgets we all love.

Ok for a start I am going to upload a few scrapbook digi pages I have made over the last few days, I found an amazing site on Facebook devoted to those using Serif Craft Artist, and I must admit they have helped me juices flow again...

So I am NOT an expert, I am not a pioneer crafter and decidedly average, but I hope you enjoy my efforts....  

Oh yes, the reason my name says keeping it in the family, is because all my children craft too and I hope that eventually they will all post here too :)