Monday, 10 September 2012

OKAY I'm Doing it!

I have been reading blogs for an age, but just have never felt worthy of having my own!

Before I start, I think I will tell you a bit about myself...

I am 43 and have 4 children two of whom have an autistic spectrum disorder.
10 years ago i was diagnosed with two auto immune diseases. These are PBC and AIH  basically my body sees the cells in parts of my liver as foreign cells, so my body attacks my liver. There is no cure. I am often very very fatigued (this is different to tiredness and the only way i can describe it is by saying it's like suddenly being immersed in a concrete bath so every action is just extremely tiring)
I also have constant bone pain, so it hurts when i sit down / lay down/ and walk. YET  if you were to see me in the street, I would appear as fine! After all whats the point in moaning all the time? 
So there will be times where I don't post much here at all as when really unwell, i tend to hunker down and just get through it.

I have been crafting for years... and years and years.... in fact most of my life.... however the old adage "jack of all trades master of none " probably applies to me in a big way! A few years ago I had my own high street craft shop, we won awards and had a huge customer base, I will remember those good times forever. However when i got really sick we had to close our doors! After that time. I didn't do much crafting at for about 3 years, it was like a time of mourning!

So here I am back into it, I have found a new love of digi crafting (suddenly seems so important to document every bit of my life so my children remember the good times and not just me being ill) I also love paper crafting and am lucky to have a fantastic craft garage with many of the gadgets we all love.

Ok for a start I am going to upload a few scrapbook digi pages I have made over the last few days, I found an amazing site on Facebook devoted to those using Serif Craft Artist, and I must admit they have helped me juices flow again...

So I am NOT an expert, I am not a pioneer crafter and decidedly average, but I hope you enjoy my efforts....  

Oh yes, the reason my name says keeping it in the family, is because all my children craft too and I hope that eventually they will all post here too :)

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